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Pimp my cade: Teenage Mutant Ninja Pinto

I am but a drop of water in an ocean full of Arcade1Up modders. Here, I tell the tale of journeying down the rabbit hole.

LED configuration

Woah, that’s epic. That LED work is amazing. Like seriously, you dived really deep on that. And it works so nicely with the turtle colours. But now I’m starting to see why you don’t sleep… that’s how you manage to pull this all off!

Alfie John

For Linux, there are two options to control all of these LEDs:

  1. RGBcommander
  2. LEDSpicer

RGBcommander was the first to market for Linux and what I had started with, but along the way I discovered LEDSpicer. I had much better luck with LEDSpicer, and as a result have switched my system over to it, and I will be covering a start–to–finish implementation in a separate article, due to it being such an involved process to fully setup.

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