3-D Printing Emulation Fabrication Hardware Modification Multimedia Software

Pimp my cade: Teenage Mutant Ninja Pinto

I am but a drop of water in an ocean full of Arcade1Up modders. Here, I tell the tale of journeying down the rabbit hole.

3-D Printing Health

COVID-19 and 3-D printed P.P.E.

Prosumer technology brings the factory to my house. This is my short story about creating personal protective equipment for medical professionals, first responders, and other essential workers.

Development Software

PySimpleGUI (and Tkinter) in pyenv with Homebrew

Create a GUI simply, with PySimpleGUI and Homebrew.

CI/CD Development Software

The Austin Python Meetup : Creating and publishing a Python package

Create, test, and publish a Python package to the Python Package Index.

Software SysAdmin

Setting NIC IP addresses as environment variables

An easy and reliable method for applying your NIC IP addresses to your environment and scripts.

DevOps SysAdmin

Hooking FreeDNS to Linux network states

Update your FreeDNS Dynamic DNS record when your network state changes.


DNSControl Compiler

Separate your DNSControl configuration into multiple files (e.g. DNS zone files) for readability.

Development Software

Synchronizing live edits with fswatch

Synchronize development of a local project to a remote destination as you progress with your work.

Hardware SysAdmin

I bricked my new SG-2440 firewall

How to restore a Netgate SG-2440 pfSense firewall with the serial port.


Startup Weekend Bali 2014

It’s a good day when you wake up and find work that you contributed to, in the Wall Street Journal.