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File Traefik

Serve files securely via SFTP, HTTPS, and WebDAV with SFTPGo proxied behind Traefik with Docker.


Do you need to easily set up (and administer) a file server quickly and for the ability to securely share data with your teammates or the public at large? With SFTPGo proxied behind Traefik, you can!

SFTPGo supports four protocols for read and write operations with authentication and fine-grained access control:

  1. SFTP
  2. HTTP(S)
  3. WebDAV
  4. FTP(S)*

*Unless you have a specific reason to enable FTP, you should not:

You should prefer SFTP to FTP even if you configure TLS, please don’t blindly enable the old FTP protocol.

SFTPGo: Getting Started

The following storage backends are supported:

For excellent client side encryption, please see Cryptomator.


3 replies on “File Traefik”

I always get this error:
middleware “bastion-hosts@file” does not exist

How can I fix this?

May I ask if you could explain a bit what Index is used for and why you would want to redirect these requests to the web interface for administrators instead of the web interface for clients?

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