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Pimp my cade: Teenage Mutant Ninja Pinto

I am but a drop of water in an ocean full of Arcade1Up modders. Here, I tell the tale of journeying down the rabbit hole.


This was a time-consuming project that is well worth it, when all is said and done. Since my wife and I have been quarantining ourselves due to COVID-19 (with Texas being one of the worst hit states — due to such shortsightedness), this is how we’ve spent our Friday nights after work. I still need to add an article (or update this one) to cover the LCD marquee, but have been working on a custom 3-D print for mounting the marquee flush to the cabinet (and why the marquee is missing in so many of the photos on this article) as well as the software side to drive it. Funnily enough, my friend Amir recently caved and bought a pinto, as well as expensive wheels to put on it. 😆

If you’ve run into any problems, please do not hesitate to comment below.


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