The following projects are those which interest me, which I’ve directly contributed to in terms of development, documentation, and/or financial resources.

Open Source Ecology

TED talk: Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

  • On-site fellowship in 2011.
  • Responsible for initial telecommunication network setup, including WDS, Mesh, physical internet DSL (demarc).
  • Assisted in fabrication, construction, and programming of CEB (Compressed Earth Bricks) press machine, Power Cubes, and LifeTrac (part of OSE’s Global Village Construction Set machines and equipment).
  • Responsible as main contact for CEB remote fabrication with collaborators nationally and globally.
  • Refined CAD files.
  • Related: Reversing the Mississippi documentary film.
  • Is this the new blueprint for civilization?
  • Wiki

The Austin Python Meetup

The Austin Python Meetup

Austin, TX
7,605 Python Programmers

Meet other local Python programming language enthusiasts!  Ask your questions about any aspect of Python development, including “how do I start learning Python?”You may also …

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An Evening of Python Coding

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021, 7:00 PM
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Neighborhood Guard

To demonstrate and evangelize non-violent methods that urban neighborhoods can adopt to reduce the risk of crime and increase disaster preparedness, combining technology and community, with an emphasis on volunteering and working together with other neighborhoods, civic groups and government, in a positive spirit for the benefit of all citizens.

D.I.Y. Neighborhood Camera for public spaces and streets.



TestDisk & PhotoRec


  • Varying forms of monitoring and intervention to avoid loss of finance, property, and/or life for Citizens, Activists, Police, and Military.