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Louis (Thad) T. Getterman IV

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A rounded, Software Developer, System Engineer, and I.T. Analyst with a focus on DevOps (alongside of budding Embedded Systems Developer and Industrial Fabricator) offering thorough, hands-on experience of over 20 years, impressive record of taking over troubled projects, dedicated to constantly improving tools and infrastructure to maximize productivity, minimize system downtime and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business. Well-versed in analyzing, mitigating risk, troubleshooting and finding cost-effective solutions.


I met Louis through social media when I was writing a book on how to create virtual machine labs. I didn't know at the time but Louis, who was extremely interested in the book, informed a large firewall distributor about it. Through his help, my book found itself in the right hands, and is now being distributed by this firewall distributor alongside their hardware products, enabling customers to build and maintain lab network environments to test changes before implementing them in production environments.

Not only did he get my book into the right hands, demonstrating the ability to network and work well with others, his technical prowess is excellent from the times we have talked together. He has a firm understanding of advanced virtualization and virtual network concepts covered in the book, among other topics. Louis is a team player that wants to do the right thing, and do it right the first time. He will be a valued contributor to any organization that would have him.

Tony Robinson, Senior Security Analyst
Building Virtual Machine Labs: A Hands-On Guide

“Thad has a broad range of technical knowledge and an aptitude for getting things done right.  I have worked closely with Thad on several projects, and his programming skillsets are a valuable asset. I would recommend Thad for any technical position as his skills are a great addition to a team.”

Matt Fine, Network and System Engineer

I have followed your guide to install pfSense on linode and this, so far, works like a charm!

Bruno L., Technical Consultant

I have known Thad in a variety of capacities in our work place. Thad and I worked on several side projects.

Thad is one of the brightest technical people I have ever known, He successfully troubleshooted internet access issues in a foreign country under difficult circumstances. He is incredibly efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. While working with limited internet access he designed and built a fully functioning, secure PBX system for 50 end users.

Chris, Production Support

I have known Thad for over a decade now. He is a dear friend and a reliable consultant for security and networking issues when accuracy is needed and time is at a premium. Apart from the programming and technical skillsets, I have known Thad for his wide exposure to life beyond narrow confines of secure urban setups. He is well connected to different communities, has been involved in farming, social work, and is a survivor one can pick up several tips from. He brings a range of fresh insights to the table, every time we pick a topic to discuss.

Shakti Dhar, CEO
Acumen Software

Projects / Open Source

  • Open Source Ecology - Open Source Blueprints for Civilization.
  • Neighborhood Guard - Blanket CCTV for a neighborhood.
  • pfSense - Debatably the world's most popular firewall. :-)
  • Varying forms of monitoring and intervention to avoid loss of finance, property, and/or life for Citizens, Activists, Police, and Military.

Groups / Charities


United States of America




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