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Lord of the Flies

How to build a Black Soldier Fly Larvae bin simply and cheaply.

Bill of Materials

Home Depot’s website doesn’t match all of the UPC codes from my store receipt. Some of these items may be available at your local store, but not available via their website.

DistributorManufacturerIdentifierPart NameQuantityUnit PriceLinks
Costco or Office DepotGreenmade718262Plastic Storage Bin with Lid, 27 Gallon, Black and Yellow1$9.99Information / Purchase
Home DepotJM Eagle7548262005011 in. x 10 ft. PVC Schedule 40 Plain-End Pipe1$5.61Purchase
Home DepotHomewerks Worldwide8794200004461 in. x 1 in. PVC Sch. 40 Slip x Slip Ball Valve2$4.98Information
Home Depot?049081145385PVC Schedule 40 Slip Tee-Size:1 inch2$1.72Information
Home Depot?0490811406871 In. PVC Schedule 40 / 90 Degree Elbow2$1.49Information
Plastic Zip Cable Ties6–12
Your recycling binCorrugated cardboard flaps (cut from boxes)6–9
Your backyardBrick (or rock) for the drainage pipe to rest on.1
DistributorManufacturerIdentifierPart NameQuantityUnit PriceLinks

Total: $31.98

Approximately $32?! The smaller (and more polished) premade options available online are $200–300!

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