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Lord of the Flies

How to build a Black Soldier Fly Larvae bin simply and cheaply.

Tools needed


  • Rubber Mallet
    • Used for gently hammering PVC pipe into attachments. My cuts were based on 1″ attachment depth when interlocking the pieces, I connected these by hand, and so that I could detach or move them if I needed to.
  • Empty Costco orange juice bottle (Item #1073013)
    • It fits perfectly around the bin’s 1″ diameter exit pipe for catching larvae that have hit the pupa stage and are looking to burrow into the soil to pupate for 2–3 weeks.
  • Bricks
    • You’ll need at least 4 bricks for the bin, and if you’re collecting pupa in a bottle, consider keeping the bottle at a lower level. I use 12 bricks to hold my bin above the ground (3 bricks per corner), and 2 bricks to hold an empty orange juice bottle one level lower.

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