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Working with Rust in VSCode’s devcontainer

Seamlessly run your Rust programs under a development container in Visual Studio Code.

Without devcontainer?

When I posted this article on the Rest subreddit, a few comments caught my attention:

Let’s say that you want to create a project with the Nannou framework, which could be considered as the Rust equivalent to C++ projects made in OpenFrameworks. It would be unbearably slow inside of a devcontainer (and require a bit of tweaking), and it would be better to work with it outside of devcontainer. You can use all of these aforementioned steps (except for the obvious: opening with devcontainer) and instead, open your new Nannou project as a folder:


Click on the ▶ (Run) button at the top right, or your preferred option from the Run menu:

  • Start Debugging
  • Run Without Debugging

A moment later, your application is running!

When you’re finished working on your project:

Click FileClose Folder.

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