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Fuel-free farming future?

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Midnight mowing — without petrol!
Fuel-free farming future?
The Future of EGO Power Plus – The Battery Engine!

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  • I really wish that EGO had put an inverter on the Z6 riding mower for 120 Volts AC that allows for using power tools onsite. The most that you get is a 5 Volts DC port to charge your phone, so I have to lug the EGO Power Station (inverter) in a wagon that I tow behind the mower, and to then swap batteries between the mower and the inverter.
  • If you’re looking to go off-road in harsher terrain, Polaris has released an all-electric ATV.
  • The Tesla Cybertruck is rumored to not only be capable of competing in the Baja 1000, but to carry an air compressor (hopefully strong enough for pneumatic tools) and to supply both 120 Volts and 240 Volts AC, so you’d be able to use power tools and even weld. I prefer to MIG Weld with a Millermatic, and up to this point, I was afraid that I’d have to lug a Diesel generator around if I wanted to weld outside of my workshop where my 240V lines are.


  • Traeger Grills work great for cooking without petroleum-based products such as propane or a swimming pool’s worth of lighter fluid on charcoal. If you’re not familiar with how it works, Joe Rogan explains it here. Furthermore, Traeger is a wonderful alternative to an oven, and can even be used for making pizza.
  • Instant Pot is a great alternative to a stovetop, and took the place of my old stove (and to a lesser degree, oven) when it broke.
  • Breville makes a powerful countertop oven, the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, that’s able to hold its own against large gas/propane/electric ovens, with a large cooking space. I despise hauling propane, and the most feasible alternative is to bury a large tank by my house, and semi-frequently fill it. That’s a lot of effort just to warm up food.


  • Martin watched this video and suggested Orison as an alternative to the Tesla Powerwall — until today, I hadn’t heard of Orison, so I don’t have any opinions for, or against them.
  • Brian watched this video and said the demo of the torch reminded him of the Terminator 2 fire scene. So, obviously, I had to make this:

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