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Video timeline of 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting


Please note: this collation of video is published under the Fair Use doctrine with this provided at my expense (e.g. time, equipment, servers, storage, and bandwidth).

If you find that I've missed proper credit to a copyright owner, please contact me so that I may resolve the issue.

If you download multimedia that I have made, please provide a link back to this page.


I tend to dabble in video editing as a hobby, and prior adventures have included working with Atari Teenage Riot and assisting lawyers with cases.

After seeing that multiple angles of video are available in such a short time, I've been trying to grab as many original videos, photos, and as much government data as I can, and collating it into a seamless video presentation regarding the 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting.

At Bryan Beal's request, I'm posting updates of my work here. I'd also like to thank Brian Carpenter for his ~2 AM CT tweets which spurred me to awake from my slumber and start slurping data.


Remaining tasks at present (and why this is probably going to take me at least a month to assemble):

  1. Find additional sources.
  2. Clean up audio.
  3. Stabilize video.
  4. Further synchronize audio and video.
  5. Research sequence of events for proper video compilation.
  6. Properly source material.


2017-10-02 @ 23:43 CT

Stabilization, color correction, and scaling:

You can see a few people in the crowd looking up to the sky and at an angle as the first set of single shots starts.

2017-10-03 @ 02:11 CT

Initial shots as semi, leading up to first burst:

2017-10-04 @ 22:36 CT

A few friends that have been watching my progress on this multi-angle video asked how I'm assembling it together with such accuracy.

Answer: mostly by spending HOURS analyzing and matching audio waves.

It is phenomenally tedious work, and I'm still sticking with my original estimate of taking at least a month in my free time just to put a few minutes of accurate video together.

2017-10-07 @ 18:32 CT

25 of 27 cameras fully synchronized, and I'm still looking for more camera sources. I have managed to stabilize footage showing this defiant person continuing to stand in place (I'm not quite sure what they were trying to prove), getting shot, and falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.



2017-10-02 @ 21:08 CT


Overall video, setup with a CCTV layout of multiple panes.

2017-10-03 @ 00:19 CT

First shots:

Video for some of the earliest timeline that I've been able to locate. This is where the first round of shots is in semi-automatic before he switches to what appears to be bump fire or possibly full automatic. The spurts seem to be inconsistent (possibly echoes fooling my ears), which doesn't rule out automatic, as it could indicate overheating from what I've read so far, although he didn't appear to have any NFA items.

  • Balancing between stage and audience.
  • Stabilization
  • Scaling video
  • Adjusting the exposure.
  • Main video is my adjustments, top right corner is an excerpt of Katherine Van Buren's live streaming video grabbed by USA Today.

2017-10-03 @ 13:42 CT

Most of timeline now assembled from videos that I could find:



Many sources are still missing, please bear with me, I'm updating this list as I go along.

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